by Endeavor

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released March 14, 2013

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Greg Thomas at Silver Bullet Studios. Assistant Engineer: Chris Teti. Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering.



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Endeavor Fredericksburg, Virginia

Playing Hardcore of the deeper variety, Endeavor is a band dedicated to interact with people on any level, to encourage, and respect them for who they are, what they are, and where they are in life. Endeavor both revisits a more genuine, impassioned era of the genre, and pioneers forward, refreshingly sincere and very proudly off of the current, beaten path. ... more

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Track Name: A Chance At Redemption
Don't be ashamed to admit that you need someone's help. His body is shaking, and it's safe to bet he has no idea where he is. With demons attacking his mind, beating his temple, his nose runs with blood. He has nothing. This will take something. Somewhere flowers grow. Some place far from here. This mind has withered any chance of growing more. If you keep bending the rules, they will break. It's a long way back to the top. You'll learn one way or the other. How does it feel to be alive? He stood tall and looked me right in the eyes. All I saw was emptiness. He took one last breath and said, "I have learned all that I possibly could. I won't ever go back." This is what they call redemption.
Track Name: Illusion Of Safety
I don't expect you to understand. You have the world and all of its things, but do you have the heart to stand up for what you believe? The truth is that common sense prevails. Sometimes, what matters most falls out of focus, and then you live with regret. How can I explain if you don't understand? Every measure of your soul dying to be free. How can you ignore that? You can call me immature and argue that I'm wasting my life. I have no shame, just because I'm not like you. Show me what its given you. Do you feel safe? In your closed off world, do you feel safe? The sad part is most of us would rather die than risk trying anything at all. Twenty years from now I want to say, "I have no regrets." I'm trying to make a change with my words. I have no regrets. All I can see is your disappointment in me. I'm through living for you. I've found who I am. Have you found yourself?
Track Name: The Saddest Man
I have watched from a distance, waiting for the right time to tell you, You are slowly killing the joy of living. I refuse to live with this blood on my hands. I won't watch it anymore. It seems like you're keeping track of the scars on your heart as if they were tally marks, just waiting for the next one. Life was never meant to be this serious. How can you make it out alive? Fear is a monster. Rejection is a beast. You're afraid. I've seen the world through your eyes. All I'm asking is you see it through mine. Life is not as fragile as you think. Hold no hate in your heart for the people who caused you this pain. Show them the love they could never give to you.
Track Name: Never Go Alone
Our time apart has caused me to think. Perhaps all you really needed was a friend, but I couldn't be one. What does that say about my character? With a reach of my hand, we can stand as we were: Together. I have forgiveness in my hands, and I have my hands around your heart. I watched as your knees buckled. The weight pulled you down. The walls of your integrity collapsed. I won't let this weight pull us down. The deepest, darkest paths should never be charted alone, and even with death at the door, I will comfort you. It's such a hard place to be, but we will pull through. You left your heart somewhere cold, somewhere it should never be. Even I admit sometimes that I forget life can be so beautiful. It's hard to understand that everything happens for a reason, and when the reason is unclear, the frustration can bring us to tears.

When you can't stand up, I will balance you.
When your legs won't move, I will carry you.
When your eyes are dry, I will cry for you.
And when you can't bleed, I will bleed for you.
Track Name: Anchors
I realize more and more that my pessimism gets the very best of me. Every now and then, it takes hold and changes me. Sometimes, I just want to sit and watch as the world passes me by. It's easier than lending a hand, but harder than giving up. Complacent, I would watch the weather change. I would watch the people blur. One man on his own. My life has reached so many ends, so many holes. What is self-worth, then? The words mean nothing at all. They can't encompass how I feel. Even though I stand so close to the edge, I know that if I slip, I will be held onto. There are people who love me and wouldn't let me fall on my own. So, sometimes it gets me and sometimes I suffer. I know I have something to live for. I will not give up, I am stronger than this. Steadfast in what I believe.